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Karol Olesiak

Poet, Writer, Activist

Visual Poetry

Veterans Day Anti-War Poetry Reading
Love Poem From Octopus To Platypus
USF - GWA - Poet - Karol Olesiak
Tongues - Visual Poem
The End of the Beginning - Visual Poetry
OF-Cine Poem- dedicated to the Egyptian People
Mock Beagle Hunt -Visual Poetry
Muscle Memory - Visual Poetry - Roland Topor Tribute

Karol Olesiak is a queer, disabled, poet, writer, and activist. He is a graduate of Eugene Lang Liberal Arts College at The New School and an MFA graduate of The University of San Francisco. As a Navy sailor, he commissioned the USS Ronald Reagan, navigated the straits of Magellan, and served in the Persian Gulf. In 2011 Karol headlined The Bowery Poetry Club in New York. That same year he became a staunch supporter of The Occupy Wall Street Movement and became entrenched in the Occupy network of affinity groups. Karol founded and became an antiwar activist. He has written many political essays and has been translated into Spanish. Karol's poetry has been incorporated into cinematography and sound art. 



Scott Noble Interview (Spanish)

Soldiers For The Cause

Cold War Kids

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