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Spoken Word Album to be Released this Easter

So during this pandemic I have been having zoom meetings and conference calls With Victor Inzunza and Brandon Mhoon about a spoken Word album project we have coming out on vinyl in the spirit of the new world that is to come. I am thrilled because I feel that I have been preparing for this since New York. I've known Brandon since the Navy he has been grinding on his hip hop career and I briefly reached out to him when I was living in Detroit. I had put him in contact with a rapper named Lord Josiah. I knew he was trying to make moves: Lord Jossiah and Drugs the Emcee were some rappers who I met that were connected loosely to the 5% and hung out between 6th and 7th mile. Brandon had been at my apartment in Norfolk, VA where we had had an impromptu poetry slam on my balcony where Brandon pleased the crowd with a freestyle about his grandmother. He might have written it right before I can't remember.

I met Victor when I moved here at a reading called Eat The Rich under Salesforce Tower hosted by Darcy Alfred. We hit it off afterwards sharing similar subversive attitudes and subject matter in our work. He was a deployed marine and he writes policy for a nonprofit that houses veterans in San Francisco. I think the three of us will compliment each other well but I also think this time is special. I look forward to people gathering around it to listen. It'll be available in book stores and record stores as of Easter Friday and we'll do a live stream launch event and giveaway.

I've been interested in limited release novelty printing for a while. Maybe we'll do a cassette tape too. I think technology has robbed us of our intimacy. I don't even want to release it on the internet. I already know enough people that want to listen to it without cheapening it.

I hope you'll help me get the word out. Pick up a copy, I would love to mail you one.

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